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About Faces Of Mitchell

Allow us To Introduce Ourselves

Let's be frank, why do we take pictures of naked women? Because seeing your own ass on high-contrast metal wall art, or on ultra premium photo paper leaves an impression. Pride, courage, healing, accomplishment, ownership. Give yourself a hand, it's your ass, and it's good, right?

And it's there, in your life, on your wall, anytime you need to remember that the mirror doesn't always tell the truth, it just reflects what it see's. The truth is that you're a sexy creature of lust, and we're uniquely qualified to capture that side of you in breathtaking light and detail.

It's your body. They're looking anyways, and somewhere along the way you were made to feel ashamed for that. Our commissioned art combines the experience and careful attention to detail on set with the body competence of a certified yoga instructor to explore and document the depths of your sensual expression. Claim your sexuality and own your dark side. All of you deserves to shine.


Or were you asking about the pants on stuff? We do executive and artist branding shoots for those needing a more traditional kind of empowerment. Allow us to be your amplifier. Offering professonal hair and makeup, website building, professional audio recording, and video production; ensuring precise execution of your brands vision. Talk to us about your project ideas!

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