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About Faces Of Mitchell

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

I'm a personal branding photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. I try my best to represent your authentic, professional self, and that's something different for every person and situation. It's also one of the reasons I love this field of work so much!


The process of determining the best style of portrait, lighting choices, poses, and the location is an informed one that requires digging in and understanding not only what the photos will be used for, but more importantly what drives you. It means I get to build a personal relationship with everyone I photograph, and that has been worth leaving my past jobs 100 times over.


If you're a professional, I'm on your team. If you've figured out what matters to you then I want to help produce it. I've taken what I've learned from working as a marketing director at a law firm, a freelance web designer, and small business strategist at GoDaddy working with countless brands and professionals to offer a service that suits my identity as much as yours. Look around the site to see my work, then book me for your next session when you're done.
From where you're standing, being photographed can feel a lot like a performance, and that's because it is, at least to an extent. Luckily, you're a natural performer already or you wouldn't have gotten where you are today! So how do we convey your competence, confidence, and personality through photography?


That's something I should be able to help you with. We'll have a chance to get to know each other, I'll probably put some music on, and before we start shooting you'll be relaxed and ready to shine. You can leave the rest up to me. I went to college so I could call myself an audio recording engineer, it seemed fitting after a lifetime of being a musician. I have experience on "both sides of the glass" as they say, so collaboration and performance are in my blood, and I deeply understand how important it is for performers to feel relaxed before delivering their best work. I've since figured out that a camera is my instrument of choice, but the idea of artists working together to create something beautiful has carried over. As far as I'm concerned you're an artist to me.


Coming from a background in audio has made the jump to videography easier to handle as well, ensuring all my videos sound crisp and professional. The rest of my experience ensures the videos stay focused and effective, only delivering the emotion or idea we're trying to convey. I got into this line of work after noticing a need for this exact type of thing... How do we say more with less? Powerful imagery.


While I was a marketing director at a law firm I discovered that there was a disconnect between a clients search for a lawyer online, and their booking our firm. I dug in and determined that presenting our lawyers authentically and building a relationship through a series of helpful videos helped close that gap and reduced the number of people who hit the back button after finding our law firm. If you can build familiarity and trust with your future clients, you can reduce their anxiety and help them feel like you are their best bet at a positive outcome. That's what I'm passionate about now, presenting your authentic self to capture the attention of your ideal clients. You've spent a lifetime learning how to help them, now let me help you capture their attention.
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